Care Instruction

Caring for your Swimwear

Protecting your swimwear is our main priority at LAKAI. Receiving your swimwear and thinking of all the places you’d love to wear them, If cared for properly, your Lakai swim pieces will be with you every summer. We would love that you are getting the most out of your swimwear so we have listed everything to help keep your fav bikini right!


First, we recommend to hand wash our bikinis! Not only is it better for the environment, it will keep your bikini in shape and leave the brightness of the fabric looking fresh for longer. The easiest way to hand wash your bikini is to take it into the shower with you after the beach or pool, and rinse under cold running water. Make sure to always cold rinse your bikinis after each use, even if you haven’t used them for swimming. 


PLEASE don’t use a dyer as it may cause shrinkage to your swimwear, Air-drying is environmentally friendly and the best way to keep them fresh. We recommend to hang or lay them flat on a clean surface in the shade immediately after rinsing, DO NOT leave in direct sunlight to prevent them from being crinkled after being cleaned. 


We hope you all can make good use out of your LAKAI SWIM cotton draw string bags to keep your swimwear protected from any leakages or separation from other items in your wardrobe. Our bags are also handy to put stuff in and take away for your holidays and most definitely prevent from being crushed in your bag.